Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Many parts of the country are bidding farewell to summer as it becomes a fading memory. In Southern California, however, Santa Ana winds are driving through the canyons and temperatures will still be blazing for a few more weeks. Making this Indian Summer all the more manageable, are the ample mint and limes in my fridge and the alluring bottle of rum in my liquor cabinet. I have to thank my lovely friend, Sara, who helped me kick off a weekend bender of mojito magic - I can now say that this has emerged as my fave drink for the summer, crisp, refreshing and slightly sweet. Take time to juice your limes in advance and make a simple syrup, (equal parts water and sugar, simmer until dissolved, cool).

Classic Mojito
Makes 1 cocktail

8 mint leaves, plus a few sprigs for garnish
1 TBLS simple syrup
1 -2 oz light rum
2 oz fresh lime juice
club soda
powdered sugar

Place mint in the bottom of a tall glass, with a wooden spoon, muddle the mint gently. Add ice cubes and simple syrup, lime juice and rum. Stir well.
Top each drink with a little club soda and garnish with a sprig of mint and dust top of glass with powdered sugar.


Jo. said...

Classic mojito is the best mojito. I simply love it and I would not change it for any other drink :-)

celeste kellerhouse said...

here, here!

Sara said...

I feel so honored, and am so glad you worked out the "numbers" on this- kudos!

celeste kellerhouse said...

sara - you're such an inspiration!