Friday, May 7, 2010

Pan Seared Haloumi with Fresh Favas

Haloumi is a mild yet salty cheese hailing from Greece. It's made from either goats or sheep's milk. I've used it a few times and I think I'll be using it more as I have fallen deeply in love with it. It's charm is in it's firm texture, as you can grill or pan fry it without it turning in to a big gooey mess. This Greek staple is a brilliant substitute for meat and it's especially wonderful with fresh herbs and sweet, ripe tomatoes. A robustly salty and chewy texture is unlike any other cheese you've had and is wonderful grilled and simply finished with a squeeze of lemon. It's the perfect summer addition to your up-coming cook-outs!

Pan Seared Haloumi with Fresh Fava Beans

Serves 2-4

1 pkg Haloumi, found in the cheese section of better grocery stores
2 large handful favas, shell and remove their skins. (See "how to" here.)
1 clove of garlic - minced
about 2 TBLS diced onion
olive oil
salt and pepper
half of a lemon
herbs de Provence, or fresh oregano, mint or basil.

Slice haloumi into 3 equal sized pieces.
Heat olive oil in a large saute pan and sear haloumi on one side (about 3 minutes)
Flip and sear on other side, keep on low heat and reserve.

While the haloumi is cooking, heat a small saute pan with a glug of olive oil and a pat of butter.
Saute onion and garlic for a minute or two - watching to not burn the garlic. Season with salt and pepper.
Add favas and saute for a few minutes, until heated through. Turn off heat and squeeze some lemon juice over beans.

To serve:
Place seared haloumi on plate and spoon sauteed favas on top, drizzle with a little bit of olive oil and lemon juice.
Season with herbs.
Serve warm.

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Mister Meatball said...

I grow favas, and will keep this in mind, thanks.