Monday, November 1, 2010

Lemon Ginger Tea

Clayton Junior Illustration
Sometimes life is too funny!  Last night I made my favorite night-time elixir, and this morning, as I was checking out my favorite blog, I came across this illustration featuring my 3 ingredient love.  Pure coincidence!
This serendipitous happening makes me inclined to share with you a lovely tea, great for sore throats,  upset stomach, or simply winding down for the night.  It's as easy as boiling water and squeezing a lemon.  Simply divine.

Lemon Ginger Tea with Honey

All these measurements are rough and can be adjusted to your liking.  The more ginger root, the more zingy your tea and the more honey, the sweeter.  It may take a few rounds to get to your tastes.  I buy a lot of ginger to have on hand, and I always have lemons in the fridge.

Ginger root - about 3 inches, cleaned and skin removed
About 3 cups filtered water
2-3 TBLS raw honey (I use Tupelo)

Boil water with ginger for about 5 minutes.
Strain into a heat-proof pitcher and add honey while still hot.
Enjoy this either hot or cold.


Sara said...

dude- love this . love.

Unknown said...

Sounds like it might be good with a spot of fine whiskey too!