Tuesday, February 15, 2011


My neighbor has 15 beautiful, sexy chickens.  All different varieties. All different personalities.  They are surprisingly affectionate and kind of a riot to observe.  I have spent hours with my neighbor in her chicken yard just observing and laughing.  Now I want chickens.  Not 15, but maybe 5.  The eggs that these wonderful birds lay every day are truly amazing,  the yolks are bright yellow and when you crack them open, they glide out of their shells effortlessly.  They are the most flavorful and gorgeous eggs you've even seen or tasted.  I'm lucky enough to get as many eggs as I need, (most if the time), and I since I am so spoiled, I can't even consider buying eggs from the market any more.  Even free-range, organic eggs in the market pale in comparison to a freshly laid egg, still warm.  
I live in the mountains of LA,  it's a little bit country up here, and having chickens is not uncommon in these parts.  (Although, they do have to be protected by the various creatures of the night, mainly coyote, bob cats, and the ever-reclusive mountain lion... think Fort Knox, but with chickens).  If you live in the city, you can get by with a fairly minimal coop. It's an undertaking, but becoming so much more common place these days.  There are thousands of websites devoted to building coops, and raising chickens.  Here's a great start.
Check out these great modern coops and get in the spirit of the chicken!

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