Saturday, October 11, 2008

Little Compton, RI

The next destination on our trip was Little Compton, Rhode Island to visit my mom and dad. I've been going to LC since I was ten as it was our escape from the brutal Florida summers. After renting the same house for years, mom and dad finally built a beautiful house and now spend about 5 months out of the year there. I love to visit and this year was the first time I had seen RI in the Fall since I usually visit during the Summer. Man, what a treat! Green and lush, due to heavy rains this summer and crisp, cool air. We were in heaven. It's likely that we will return again the same time next year...

One happy day, we walked to the Wishing Stone Farm, a co-operative organic farm, just up the road from my parents' house. (Check out their blog.) My mom has a membership which allows her weekly visits to take home a variety of organic produce. I can't imagine better way to grocery shop - it took me back to a place in time where farming and community went hand in hand. We ate freshly caught stripped sea bass (thanks to my hubby's 35 pounder!!) and Wishing Stone Farm veggies that night. I don't know how you can possibly beat that!

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herb1052 said...

the very best, look forward to spending some time with you guys in LC this summer best regards Herb