Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mad River Valley, VT

Waitsfield, Vermont.

We spent last week visiting friends and family in the North East - partly in the Mad River Valley of Vermont and then off to Little Compton, Rhode Island. Let me tell you, fall is in full swing in New England! The leaves were peaking in Vermont and I can honestly say, I've never seen anything quite so spectacular; something we just don't get to see here in Southern California. In the small, quaint town of Waitsfield, we strolled through the chilly air to the Saturday farmer's market and joyfully ate our way through dozens of booths. The plan was to check out the scene, then go to breakfast, but we ended up eating freshly baked bread and drinking apple cider. After running into friends, we all walked around for a few hours, taking photos (with our cell phone) of the Fall harvest: pumpkins, gourds, brussel sprouts, cabbage, garlic, and tomatillos! Such a great day.

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yvette said...

This sounds like heaven. So beautiful. How was the butter?