Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Inspiration board

I thought I'd share this rather ingenious idea of mine with you - you know how you flip through magazines or newspapers and find a recipe that peeks your interest and you tear it out, fold it up and then forget about it until days, months, (years), later when one day you happen to rediscover it, now wrinkled, faded and torn? I have lost countless recipes and ideas because I am not exactly what you might call organized. But when I saw this magnetic strip bulletin thingy, I knew exactly what to do with it and exactly where to put it. So now, in my beloved pantry, I have my idea board filled with tear-outs just waiting for me to get inspired and tackle them. There is something to be said for organization! Go get yourself one and start saving those priceless recipes!

Click here for self-sticking strip.

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